Comdatech provides an entire service throughout the IoT value chain from supplying sensors, hardware and software to the eventual data visualization user interface and control mechanisms.

DATA:  It all begins with reliable data.  Continuous in-field data ensures that all information is current, and sound management decisions can be made.  All data is stored on a unique cloud-based application for ease of access.

REPORTINGEasy access to reports through a user friendly and easy to navigate interface. Charts, graphs and tables at your convenience.  Each can be customized and urgent issues requiring attention can be set as “push” notifications forewarning the issue at hand.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Continuous measuring of data makes for easier reporting and compliance. Real time reporting enables immediate corrective action before problems occur.

TIME AND COST SAVING:  Real time automated collection and availability of data has huge time and cost saving implications and takes the guesswork out of the equation. Decisions made timeously and precisely = lower input costs, increased yields and generally much improved efficiencies.

Applications and User Interfaces

Our user friendly interfaces offer real-time alerts and data access via cloud-based applications.  We focus on affordability and consumer centric solutions. LoRaWAN enables independence from mains power making it ideal for  industry, personal, and national security, especially in remote areas.