Comdatech provides an end-to-end ” Smart Tech” solution in the Security, Water, Agritech and Environmental sectors. We are committed to sustainable development, using technology to boost resource management, minimize environmental impact and support traceability. From camera traps to drones to acoustic sensors, technology is increasingly helping us to protect species and ecosystems across the planet. Our mission is to put “tech” within practical reach in support of people, planet and profits alike. 

SUSTAINABILITYOur technology supports efficient resource management, consistent traceability and environmental conservation.

EXPERTISEOur team combines first-hand knowledge and experience in farming, agri processing, hardware and programming.

SIMPLICITY:  Modular systems allow us to offer customized solutions with a quick turnaround, simple set-up and lower prices.

RELEVANCE:  In the heart of citrus & macadamia country, we are close to the field and connected to our customers.

Put "tech" within reach & support of people, planet and profits

A revolutionary Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) tailored for taut wire fences. It offers precise breach identification, real-time alerts via a cloud-based interface, and affordability. Independent from mains electricity, it’s easy to retrofit and adaptable to various fence types, making it ideal for industry, personal, and national security. This innovation elevates global security tech, with potential economic, job, and environmental benefits.